About us

Lyra Bean was founded in 2021, a family-owned business dedicated to bettering the lives of New Zealand animals one tail wag at a time.

We adopted a beautiful puppy named Lyra in September 2021. She has brought so much love and happiness to our home and inspired us to open our own business. Lyra is full of life and crazy as beans therefore Lyra Bean had to be our name!

At Lyra Bean, our homemade cakes are baked with love and ONLY contain beneficial ingredients for your furry friend.

Our cakes and treats are grain-free, and easily digestible, making them the perfect bite-size snack that all dogs will enjoy.

To thank NZ charities/organisations providing services to animals in need, we will select a charity every six months and donate 2% of our total sales.
In addition, the Lyra Bean Team will donate a further 2%.

By supporting us, you are making a change for animals in New Zealand.

Meet the quality control specialist